Room211 Multisensory

Room211 is a multisensory worship service. God’s Word is presented in answer to the questions that people are asking today. Worship is a place of great joy. You can have a cup of gourmet coffee and some fresh-baked cookies as you experience God’s presence in a new way through music, drama and video. Dress is casual; come as you are and leave blessed by Jesus. Join hundreds of others as we grow in faith.
The Lord’s Supper is celebrated on the first, third, and fifth Sunday in Room211 worship services.

9:30 am & 11 am Sunday - West Ministry Center

10:15 am Sunday - Room211 South (5801 S. 84th St/Lincoln Christian School)

Check out our Room211 site for more information; hear our worship band and visit the 211Band site. Or join our Facebook page – Room211.

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