• Christ Lutheran Church

  • 4325 Sumner St
  • Lincoln, NE 68506
  • Ph: 402-483-7774
  • Fax:402-483-7776

Inclement Weather Cancellation Policy

How will you know if a class, Bible study or event is cancelled due to inclement weather?

A decision will be made by 3 PM for evening activities.
A decision for events occurring the following morning will be made by 10 PM.

A decision to cancel will affect ALL activities.

We will use one or more of the following methods to notify church members of cancellations:

1. Website - Check this page for the latest updates;
2. Message on phone answering system, (402) 483-7774;
3. Messages on KLKN-TV, KFOR, and KLIN;
4. Notice sent via e-mail to all church members;
5. Individual calls to the leaders of the cancelled activities.

Cancellation of Sunday Activities
Due to the importance of Sunday worship, the decision will be made as close to the beginning of services at 8 AM as is reasonable. It is possible that the 8 AM service is cancelled, but later services are held at normal times.

Cancellations will be listed below: